Thursday, October 20, 2011

A very valuable & historical accordion,was made about 100 years ago on its way to my collection.I bought it from Germany by great helps of Mr.Watanabe (My friend from Japan).It is a 6 row chromatic accordion with belgian bass system. آکاردئون بسیارباارزش وتاریخی که حدود100 سال پیش ساخته شده درراه ملحق شدن به کلکانسیونم. این آکاردئون راباکمک آقای واتابه (دوستم ازکشورژاپن)خریداری نموده ام.این آکاردئون کروماتیک 6 ردیفه باسیستم دست چپ بلژیکی میباشد.


Bruce from Accordion Noir said...

Can you tell us anything about the Belgian bass system? Do you know how it's arranged, or how it compares with other stradellas?

Nardin Gallery--Free Reed Instrumens said...

Unfortunately,I do not have enough instructions about this system and was not able to find any on net but soon I will try to find and put on my blog.