Saturday, May 29, 2010

My New Collection Member-Weltmeister Meteor 96 Basses

Completely New Acc. With 3 reeds in RH & 96 Basses


Cesar Martin said...

Hey,how are you doing? i have the same accordion in black,i took out the bass reed blocks and missplaced them,i'd like to find a set to replace.

Anonymous said...

Hi,i have the 48 bass in black version of yours,a couple years ago i removed the bass reedblocks and misplaced them,this days i've been working on it,i've just modified it,now instead of LMM on the right it has MMM or triple musette,and currently i am trying to retrofit very different reedblocks from another accordion to it,i hope i can get it done soon and i think it will have more bass sound than the original,thank you for posting and enjoy the week,bye.