Friday, June 19, 2009

My New Collection Member Old Scandalli (Fully Restored By Me)

Register Indicator Repairing Compartment.
Treble Valves With Scandalli Marks On Them.

Bellows Lock & Register Indicator.

Unique Register System.

A 4(LMMM) - 5 ,120 Bass Accordion With Very Pleasant Sound.


Bruce from Accordion Noir said...


How does that "bellows lock" work? I can't even see it.

Michael said...

Mike, a recent Scandalli owner,
Hi! I must have your Scandalli's younger sister, with pearloid blue, 37/80. It plays beautifully with 5 switches including musette. Mine says only Custom Built and MY 918/574. Can you tell anything about it's history, date of mfr?
Mike P.