Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mr. Yoshiya Watanabe my great accordion friend from Japan.He is a prof.Accordion player,collector and researcher

Yoshiya in front of his collection with Garmon made by me.
Yoshiya with his Cavagnolo B-griff acc. in 1995.

Yoshiya with his Hohner Imperator V in 1968.
I have added some very valuable pieces to my collection with his kind helps.


Alexander von Gimbut said...

R.I.P. Yoshi sad to hear of your passing today - you will be remembered

Nardin Gallery--Free Reed Instrumens said...

Alexander von Gimbut,thank you very much for your nice words about Yoshiya,His loss is a great sarrow for us and all accordion world.

Caroline said...

Such very sad news. Yoshi was the o0ne person in the world I most wanted to meet. I was most impressed at his knowledge - so much will now be lost - and he was so helpful to me when I first seriously started collecting accordions. He went to an auction in Tokyo and bought a Yamaha accordion and sent it to me as a gift for the collection. He translated Accordion Crimes into Japanese and sent me a complimentary copy. These I wil treasure but am very sad I shall never meet him now.