Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My brand new Yamaha accordion


Chuck said...

Hi Gholamreza. I am in the Roland V-Accordion group - found your site through your signature. What an amazing collection you have. I did not know that Yamaha made accordions. I have had one of their grand pianos for many years, and also a Motif synthesizer.

Best of luck in collecting.

hamed said...

salam jenabe agaye mahandes seyed hasani man az sayte shoma didan kardam va lezat bordam .movafagh bashid az tarafe hamed va ali sanat talab

Anonymous said...

do you have any more information on this accordion? i bought one of these recently at a pawn shop.

Nardin Gallery--Free Reed Instrumens said...

Yamaha started off as a reed organ manufacturer in 1887.
The company's histroy is given here:


The company began producing harmonicas in 1914, so it acquired lots of experience
as manufacturers of reed instruments, starting with reed organ making towards the end
of the 19th century.
The accordion got to be very popular in Japan, after introduction of the French film
"Sous les Toits de Paris" in the earlier 1930s. The manufacturer Tombo started
to produce and market small 1 row diatonic accordions in 1931, followed by 12 bass
piano accordions. Yamaha also began to manufacture 1 row and 2 row diatonic accordions
and small piano accordions (12, 18 bass models). After World War II, they concentrated
on making ensemble piano accordions (bass, alto, soprano etc.) without bass parts for music
education in primary schools, and also 18bass, 24bass, 48bass and 80bass piano accordions.
These instruments were of purely manufactured in Japan, and such instruments were being produced up to around 1980.
Currently, Yamaha concentrates mainly on manufacture of ensemble piano accordions without basses.
A 41key 120bass accordion was also made in the 1950s, but it is almost impossible to come across such
a large vintage instrument, even in Japan.
Nardin Gallery,
G.R.Seyed Hasani,

Anonymous said...

I also had a yamaha accordion good as new. It has never been used before since no one knows how to play it. If you're interested, Just email me at jgarganera2009@gmail.com. I will show you the pictures of my Yamaha accordion. Thanks