Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Some extraordinary instruments

Anconetani Double Keyboard Accordion :First(Outer)row just L in cassotto,tuned one octave lower than second(inner)row.Second row L in cassotto,M,M,H.
Photo from Anconetani Museum,sent by Mr.Yoshiya Watanabe.
Vintage Hohner Accordion : With extraordinary keyboard
Vitage Hohner Accordion : With extraordinary keyboard
Karpek Chromatic-Piano Accordion : Made in USA


Jeremy "Lugarshz" Bloom said...

please explain what these are!

Graeme Gibson said...

Dear, Nardin gallery, my name is Graeme Gibson. and I have been looking to acquire such an instrument for a while. I am curious to know the price in US dollar (equivalent) for such an instrument regards to your garmon's you may have available? if not, could you refer me to a source? i would love to have one. I both play and collect many musical instruments of the world mostly strings, and wind and a few percussion. I have been playing for a many years now. Mostly self taught but study under two music teachers here in Vancouver B.C. Canada. Over all great web site, keep on adding more love the photos.

Bruce Triggs said...

The great (almost unrecorded) jazz accordionist Alice Hall used to play one of these. I believe they're basically a three-row chromatic accordion with a (dummy/innoperative?) piano keyboard attached. Buttons were déclassé in North American vaudeville theatre (early 20th cen), as part of widespread anti-immigrant sentiment, so these made you look "classier."

Alice's teacher Pietro Frosini played (and promoted) these. Jazz great Leon Sash played one too.

Frosini had an unusual free-bass button pattern too. More info on him can be found in the book: The Golden Age of the Accordion:

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