Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Anvar & Zakir Azarbaijanian Great Garmon Players


Anonymous said...

Jeepers, creepers! This is the most amazing stuff! I spent 7 years at the 2nd largest music school in the USA and it takes both sides of my brain going full speed to halfway keep up with these guys!

There is so much happening rhythmically, at lightning speed... it's hard to grasp. It's like John Coltrane in 11/8 or something. Amazing. Everybody on these vids are virtuosi. Wow.

dagistan36 said...

selam hocam...
Benim adım Murat. Türkiye'de yaşıyorum ve Azerbaycan Kökenliyim. Burada Garmon çalıyorum.


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bana yardımcı olabilirseniz mutlu olacağım.

Anonymous said...

I have a vintage Empress accordion and was hoping that you (or someone you can recommend to me) could give me some history and a value on it. I could email you some pictures, if you'd like. If you know of someone else who would be willing to give me a hand, plese let me know. Any help would be welcomed!