Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My first accordion making project

My first product entirely like acc.Its reeds will be like Garmon(uniqe,on brass plate-5 sets for white clav.and 3 sets for black ones).

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Graeme Gibson said...

Dear, Nardin Gallery, this is one intriguing web site. I have seen in my life many Russian factory made garmon in photograph or on web site I run and maintain the web site http://www.museumofworldmusic.com/. A web site of a personal nature chronologically cataloging my personal ethnic instrument collection, which I play most instruments in the collection, winds strings and percussion, specialty strings and some winds. As to the bellows on the inside, where did you get the material's and could you please describe the process of the bellows? Along with attaching the reeds? I know this is a huge undertaking project wise and sourcing the proper and desired materials for the reeds, bass, and other buttons or keys. More detail would be appreciated since I have been thinking of making these one of my self. As for the reeds I heard titanium was often used, not sure though. I was told of this from my teacher Bib's Eckle (now residing in England) at the time in early 1990s. This is a huge project any more incite into this matter would be appreciated, thanks, and good luck post on this blog please and email me graeme26@telus.net, thanks.