Sunday, March 4, 2007


Garmon is an Azarbijanian traditional instrument.It is very similar to(Or even the same as) very old accordions.As far I know Garmon has been brought to U.S.S.R.(Departed Russia)from Europe and then by Russians to Azarbaijan Country(Then,as a part of Russia).

The main differences between Garmon and Accordion are as follows:

1-Size of Garmon is standard(Max.2-3cm difference according to various makers)

Big differences in overall size is very rare(I have made one for my collection).

2-It has 2 octaves and a half in right hand(From low "do" to high "fa) and

exactly the same system in the left hand just arranged with round keys that is

used to play melodic parts or even (Rarely)bass and cord(Like acc.).

3-It is tuned a half tone lower than accordion i.e.its "do" sounds as "si" of acc.

4-In right hand it has 5 or 6 set of reeds for white clav. and 3 or 4 set of reeds for

black ones!

In left hand it has mostly 2,3 or4 set of reeds.

5-It is mostly played with 4 fingers (Except thumb).

6-It is made in two types a-"Factory made" b-"Fully hand made by various

private makers.

7-It has not any register and its griff is smaller than acc.
**As you can see in above photos,all of my own products have two left hand
systems , Accordion system and Garmon standard system.

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Linda Herman said...

thanks for the info on your accordions and life in Iran for accordion players. with all the problems in the world it is good to see that really we are all the same. I have been playing piano accordion since I was 8 yrs and now am 55. Grew up with it and still playing professionally in the Los Angeles area for ballroom dancing. Any ballroom dancing in Iran? You can check out my music at a site called
look for dancetime with linda & roland and you will find 3 of our cd's on the site as well as a full bio. You can listen to 2 min of each song.
Thanks again