Sunday, March 25, 2012

Playing With My Rare Vintage " National Pittsburgh " Accordion With Slant Keyboard. " در حال نواختن آکاردئون قدیمی و کمیاب " ناسیونال پیتسبورگ با گریف دارای زاو یه غیرعادی


Christopher said...

Very nice, the slanted keyboard reminds me of the Titano Tiger model. Is this style more comfortable to play?

Best Regards,

Nardin Gallery--Free Reed Instrumens said...

Thank you for your attention.I also have a Tiger accordion in my collection.The slope of keyboards are different.yes,to me slated keyboard is very comfortable to play.Another advantage is that accordion remains fixed on you chest without any movement.

Christopher said...

Thanks, I've always wondered about that, but never had the opportunity to play an accordion with a slanted keyboard. I can see what you mean from the picture of you holding the National Pittsburgh. You have a wonderful collection of accordions!